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  Limited Edition Bioshock Merchandise
April 17, 2009 at 1:49 pm


Product Review

Bioshock Lithographs and Little Sister Figurine

Where to find them:

Cost: 20.00/Lithograph

        10.00/ Figurine

The Matte Lithographs measure 18” x 24”, have a hint of dingy aged yellowing and are just plain B E A Utiful. They are limited edition, and the Dr. Steinmans Beauty Enhancment Lithograph is “defaced by the Dr. Himself.” Adding to their authenticity and drama.

These Lithographs were origionally gifted from 2K to those in the industry to celebrate the release of the game, but have recently become available to everyone.  They are attention-grabbing,  I have gotten a lot of compliments on them from gamers, but they also have a charm that appeals to non-gamers.  Even displayed in plain black poster frames they are both interesting and eerie.

I had been looking for these Lithographs for some time, and had to do some forum-searching to find them, but they were well worth the wait.

Also available from this store is the Little Sister Figurine. She is painted ceramic, and just a little taller than 3”, made to fit in scale next to the Big Daddy Figurine. (Not available on the site). She is clutching the syringe behind her back, and the colors used on her skin and dress are absolutely creepy.The base is black and white checkered.

I could not find any promotional codes for the sites or products, sorry!

They also have some other limited edition merchandise there including a signed Sid Meyer CIV 4 Lithograph, and CIV Revolution Poster.  All in all I’m very happy with the merchandise and although I would have liked to find a better deal on them, shipping was timely and affordable. Customer Service was also very friendly and helpful when they contacted me about a problem (typo) in my order information.

Enjoy and Check out the Site!

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