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  Chronicles of Arcadia: Our Power Level is over 9000! - January 18th, 2009 by Triforce
January 19, 2009 at 12:56 am

These dirty rats! Heh... its funny when your enemies look down at you and tell you just how worthless you are. They tell you that the things that you possess, the friends that you have and all of the things that you hold dear are worthless. They tell you that everything that you do, everything that you did...all of it worthless. Then you find these same dirty rat bastard in your home, robbing you of the very same things that they said were worhless. They even try to take away the very same friends and people who you love that they deem worthless. Heh...I guest one mans garbage is another mans riches, so stay the hell out of my garbage!

Anyway...the weekend was a successful one for the Empire. There was a Soul Calibur 4 National Qualifier in New Jersey. There was of course only 4 spots for the qualifier. We prepared as much as possible with Sanford and Red but even they knew that they needed much more training as possible. I spoke with a player from the Soul Calibur community for some time now and he and his sister decided to join the Empire after I gave them the offer.

Arcadia's growing Soul Calibur players
From left to right: Red, DreamKiller, VOA Dizzy, Sanford and Royal Lance

I invited Dizzy and DreamKiller to the ARC where I would orientate them on Empire Arcadia's mission objective. There they played several games with Sanford and Red to show them how the game was played. In time both of them learn a lot about the game and were ready for the competition. After leaving from the ARC Saturday monring they all met up at the tournament. In the end DreamKiller was able to secure the 3rd seed for the Nationals. Giving the Empire a birth at the Nationals in July of 2009. Congratulations DreamKiller. Sanford, Lance, Red and Dizzy competed as well and was strategical apart of DreamKillers qualifying.

Gamers Edge is the place where they held the Soul Calibur 4 National Qualifier

In another part of the Nation, Shonen Jump hosted their 2nd Shonen Jump Championship of 2009. Hundreds of players gathered in Texas to compete. Chris Bowling, Duelist of Arcadia's 2008 National Champion topped 16 at the tournament. Jerry Wang, the 2 time 2008 Shonen Jump Champion took the crown for the Empire. This is his 3rd Shonen Jump championship in a little bit over 1 year which is only 383 days.

Duelist of Arcadia now stands atop of the mountain as the number 1 ranked Yu-Gi-Oh trading card team in the United States. The expansion of the team is already in progress as new players are currently being interviewed by Erin "Kaiba" Diaz the teams Deck Master and Commissioned Captain. "This is a great start for the team but there's a whole lot more for DOA to do this year before we can go around claiming that we're the best...although we already are. lol." - Erin

Kreymore showing Konjou's Nephew Neo a thing or two in SSBM.

Back at the ARC, TriForce (yes I always refer to myself in 3rd person. I don't see what the problem is, the Rock does it, so why can't I.)  held some company with a mixture of the new generation and old Arcadians. Valkyrie (VOA) Pearl, Ghost X, Neo and Prod1gy X all came over to play Left 4 Dead, Guitar Hero and Gears of War 2. TriForce congratulated Ghost for placing 5th in Call of Duty 4 at the Play N Trade tournament.Currently the Empire is looking for a 4th player in the NYC area who is willing to join the organization and get on the team to compete on GameBattles. See Team - EMP Fatal Conspiracy

Prod1gy X taking back the ARC

The group played some games and talked about "Gray Fox Films" return to the ARC on Tuesday. That is when Prod1gy X made an announcement to TriForce that he would be moving into the ARC. He also said that it was very possible that a female gamer who played Guitar hero was interested in becoming a Valkyrie for the Empire and moving into the ARC as well. I have to keep that on wraps for right now until the verdict is clear on that, however the ARC now welcomes Prod1gy X back.

All in all the Empire held a successful weekend. 1st, 3rd and 5th in three seperate tournaments of three separate genres. The time is coming and soon the Empire will be at full power...then our enemies will truly understand these words. 'Those that are Far off, hear us and know of what we have have done. Those that are near, embrace the Empire and acknowledge our MIGHT!'

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