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  MLG Dallas 2008
October 14, 2008 at 12:20 pm

vVv MrsViolence

Preparing for MLG Dallas was by far the hardest objective I’ve ever had to complete. It was difficult for me because I didn’t even know if I was attending or not. So, first thing was first, I had to find a sponsor and quick. I asked around, vVv was in line first, I got several different offers from some good people, but so many things didn’t go the way they were planned. And I thank everyone for the offers, you’re all amazing, but I ended up going with My “Boss”, Mark Foozbabaghanush, came in with the clutch sponsorship for Dallas. When my ticket was finally secured, and my itinerary was emailed to me, I couldn’t be any happier. I then settled down, and contacted my MLG groupies, notifying them of my ‘soon to be’ presence.

My trip started at Chicago’s Midway Airport at a beautiful 6:00 am flight. Once on the plane, and all settled in, I instantly plugged in my headphones, blasted my IPOD, and quickly fell asleep for a little bit. My next destination wasn’t Dallas; it was an hour long transfer in Atlanta. I gather my belongings; and make my way out of the plane, so I can check to see where my next gate is located. Turns out, the gate is right next to me. I wasn’t really expecting this. I’ve flown dozens of times, and not once has my transfer gate ever been right next to me, so I was slightly confused. Walking a mere 30 ft to gate B26, I knew I was supposed to be seeing a familiar face, but he ended up spotting me due to my late state of confusion. The next thing I know, my teammate/captain, was talking to me. “Gee, thanks for saying hi!” is what I heard from him. I didn’t even realize it, but he was standing right next to me, with his vVv sweatshirt on. How did I not notice him? But, with intros and hugs over, and about 40 minutes later, we were ready to board our next flight. I take on the window seat, since he’s a little precautious about flying. Once we lodged ourselves into our seats, adjusted the air settings, seatbelts on, and IPOD back to its blasting state, we made our ascent into the sky. This part of the trip was routine as well. I read some “Twilight”, with some background music, and Image slept pretty much the whole time until the landing part came around. Once we finally touched down, we made our way to baggage claim. I didn’t put anything under the plane, but Image did, so we waited. I also got in quick contact with one of my best Xbox live buddies, and former vVv Member/teammate, Exclusive. He told me he was on his way to come pick us up, and take us to our hotel. Catching up with “Exxy” was flat out amazing. I’ve missed this kid at the last two events, and he’s told me that Dallas was his final event. L

About 20 minutes later, we arrive at our hotel. I say my goodbyes to Exclusive, and make my way inside the lobby. Checking in was pretty easy, Image took care everything. I was too tired to even raise a finger. Once we received our room keys, and make our way to our room, we both instantly drop our bags, and sleep. We both wake up from phone calls from our next teammate that would be arriving, Void. He notified us that he had landed and will be taking a cab to our hotel. Roughly around 3:00 pm, we hit up Denny’s, which was nicely planted right next to our hotel. After letting our stomachs settle for a moment, we make the 5-10 minute walk to the Venue. Walking through the double doors, and seeing about a million faces that were recognizable to me, I instantly start will the “Hello’s” and hugs. Image picked up all of our Pro passes, and we made our way into the event. AM Bracket wasn’t too bad this time around. There were so many teams I was looking forward to watching. I started with my European friend’s team Dignitas. I met another former vVv member from that group, Deceptive. I watched them perform at a top level and than made my way to the next team, Release. Exxy performed pretty well this event; I would have to say his best by far. Him, and his team got to, I believe, 17th place. Very proud of my little brother J Getting very tired from AM Bracket, vVv Prophecy starts warming up on empty stations. By now, we have regrouped with Rusty (RMAN), and started the classic 1v1 Mid Boxes on War Machine. Our day consisted of warm ups, greetings, pictures, laughs, and receiving our new sponsored Headsets from Turtle Beach (cough AMAZING, and thank you!). I’m going to skip the rest of our day, and continue from Friday night.

Uzzi finally arrived at the airport, so we sent Rman to go pick him up. Turns out, Uzzi told us the wrong airport he landed at. Nice move there UZZI. Rman, now pissed off from driving all over the place, as well as getting lost, arrives at Dallas Love Field, and brings the package to the hotel. Uzzi now secure under our supervision, it’s all downhill with laughs from there. There’s no way I can describe to you how funny UZZI really is. The kid is a walking sitcom. Everything he does is absolute brilliance. Well, a few hours, and tears later, we all finally settle down, and fall asleep.

The next morning wasn’t any different; laughs, tears, eating at Denny’s, and walking. Walking into the event again, vVv Prophecy starts up some scrims. Meanwhile, the AM bracket is still going on all around us. We constantly heard cheering, smack talking, and actually saw chairs flying backwards due to too much excitement. The gears of war community definitely knows how to show support; never a dull moment. Well, about 4 hours later, championship bracket was finally about to start. Our first match up was against a few friends of ours, Violent by Instinct, with coach Big Vixen. It was a quick 3 Maps to 0, but all around fun, and got us pumped up for our next match against Infinity. “vVv Prophecy vs. Infinity on main stage.” That’s what we heard next, so we followed one another up the stairs. It was a good match, just too many mistakes. Also, nerves were another factor that we didn’t expect. It truly got the best of the boys, well boy. Results from that match: 3-0 L. Next match up was against the Nsanes. Another main stage performance though. This time, it was strictly mistakes and missed shots. Once again, we lose; 3-1. If you would like to watch it, the VOD from should have it up soon. So, we are now out of the tourney, with the exception of the consolation match, which was predictably against Violent by Instinct, again. It was another quick 3-0, and that was it for the day.

Another trip to Denny’s, which consisted of me, Uzzi, SiKiMaGe, Void, and his friend Jess. Loads of food, laughs, tears, and videos. Check this one out. Uzzi thought it would be funny to just sit at another table for about 5 minutes. He than started eating random crackers, and talking to the host. It was unbearable for us. You can view it here:

I don’t believe I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life, than from that night right there. Well, after all that madness was over, we made our trip back to the venue to watch the final match between Infinity and Dynasty Retaliation. In my opinion, this was by far the best match of the year. Last year vVv Vision vs. Prophecy had it for me, but this is coming close to topping it altogether. I can only sum it all up for you readers. Last Map, last round, than BLACKOUT. The main stage screen goes black. The crowd leaps to their feet, running to the VOD section, as well as behind the players up on the stage. I stay where I’m at, knowing that if I moved, I would get trampled. All I can really see is face expressions on the Infinity players, also the official in the middle holding up two fingers for each side indicating that two players from each team have teammates down. I than look up at my buddy God 603, and I just watch his reactions. He’s standing about half way out of his chair, and I knew it was over. Infinity won MLG Dallas 6 maps to 5. There was so much intensity in the room that threats were actually being made between fans. Once all the insanity calmed down, I went up on main stage and congratulated my close friends. That match will be the talk of the year, because not only was it flat out epic, there were so many factors that could have changed the results of certain rounds, map counts, and the ending result, the Champions of MLG Dallas.

With all the hysteria coming to a quick end, we all head to vVv LordJerith’s room for some last night entertainment. The room consisted of me, Uzzi, Orion, Sikimage, Enmity, Perilous, Void, and Jerry himself. This was also a hysterical night, a great end to a great weekend you could say. Room service decided to make an appearance, which caused Jerry to verbal him, and get himself some free food and a hotel room. Jerry, you are my Hero! (Video: Coming Soon)

With Sunday morning right around the corner, we all soaked in the company of everyone around us. But, getting back to the hotel room was another story waiting to be told. Once again, Uzzi and SiKiMaGe were up to no good. I was actually trying to sleep; knowing we all had to be up early. But they didn’t listen. I just hear snickers from both of the boys, and than a tap on my back makes me get up to see what’s going on. Apparently lotion is something that looks like, uh, male things . . . so they figured that putting it on Rman’s head would be hysterical. And, it was. I present to you the end result.

Once we all saw the picture that Uzzi took, it was over. K-O. We all burst into laughter. No one could hold it in from there. It was the perfect way to end our weekend. Well, as you might have guessed, the laughter subsided, and we all finally drift off to sleep.

Sunday Morning. The worst day for Gears Players. Well, Uzzi was the first to leave us. He had a really early flight, which I don’t recommend. So, he gave us all hugs, and reassurance that he will make MLG Vegas. Thank God. Soon, Rman and Bman woke up, showered, and packed up all their belongings. Quite quickly too. I think they were in a hurry to get on their 7 hour drive back home. About another hour goes by, and the last of us decide to wake up, shower, and pack everything. I wasn’t in too much of a rush, my flight was at 4, but Image’s was at 1, and Void didn’t need to hurry at all. He decided to book his flight for Monday. No idea why. But, it ended up being a pretty good morning. All the goodbyes said and done, Image and I made our way down to the lobby to check out. Once that was all over and done with, my next destination was to Jerry’s hotel. By now, it was lunch time, and the boys were hungry. So I spent my last moments in Dallas, with a bunch of vVv Members. Nothing better. Enmity, Perilous, Jerry, Orion, and I had a great lunch at some Mexican restaurant, than dessert at Chili’s. My tummy nice and full for my flight, Orion takes me to the Airport, and thus my final departures from all gamers I know and love.

My flights back home went pretty smoothly. Only thing that freaked me out was the landing in Chicago. We were almost touching down, when we instantly pulled up back into the sky. I knew something was up. Next thing I hear is that a plane wasn’t off the runway, and we had to make a U-turn to re-land. The second time around was pretty routine, I give the pilot a B+ on the landing. Yes, I grade the landing.

Once back home, in some warmer clothes (Chicago is getting really cold!), I start uploading all my pictures from my trip. To view all of them, go here:

And here are all the videos that I recorded over the weekend:

Well, that concludes my MLG Dallas weekend. I really enjoyed myself this event, and it was by far my favorite event for the Year. I would just like to thank for sponsoring me, for this maybe final event of the year. Be sure to visit for MLG updates and other competitive gaming related topics.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you guys in Vegas for the Finals. J

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Clov3r said at October 19, 2008 at 1:27 pm:

Damn I wish I could've seen ya! I live here in Dallas and planned to go, but some stuff come up that weekend and I couldn't make it. :x

Glad you enjoyed yourself hun. :)

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Sovereign RyTZ said at October 14, 2008 at 1:19 pm:

sounds like a blast!... "The kid is a walking sitcom." thas pretty funny. is there any clips of the actual events that your team scrimmed in?

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