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  To Avatar or Not to Avatar? That is the Question.
August 12, 2008 at 5:59 pm


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To Avatar or Not to Avatar? By: FleshandLace


Achievement Points are the blood that surges through most Xbox360 gamers veins. We love them. They are the reason (beyond complete social-ineptitude or total hardcore gamernerdiness) to play a game multiple times, and on the most difficult settings. No matter how redundant they are, we keep coming back for more and more… and more of them. There is nothing like unlocking an achievement to make you feel like your time spent gaming has been well worth it.

One game in particular is upheld as the easiest 1000 achievement points out there... Avatar: The Last Airbender. If you haven't seen the video on YouTube which shows how you can get all 1K points in this game in less than two minutes, I have to ask. Where have you been? I can only suppose you could have been hiding in your basement, hooked up to your XboxLive IV actually earning your achievement points.


This game is a subject of much debate amongst gamers. One wonders whether or not getting the points from this game is cheating or not. Although you are not getting points without actually playing, you are taking advantage of a loop-hole in the game design that those who created the achievements didn't consider. As far as I'm concerned if you actually play the game it's not cheating, even if it only took you two minutes to get them, you did earn them.


Now, when you wake up in the morning you might have the urge to chew your arm off. People will give you an eye-roll when they see you have gained your newest 1000 Gamerpoints by "playing" Avatar. They just will, because they don't think it… respectable. Then again a lot of people won't really give two sh@ts, either.


Some people who are… say… popular in the gaming community have been ridiculed by boosting their gamerscore by "playing" this game. I suppose though that it's all relevant to the other games that you have beaten. If a person has beaten or played numerous games to the tune of about 800pts or higher, it's less likely that anyone will care whether Avatar is amongst the many completed game on their list. On the flip side, if some has only played a minimal amount of games, has little to no points in them, or has only played other "gamerscore whore games" with few credible games mixed in – the flaming will become much more evident.

Without any embarrassment I can admit to have the 1000 delicious gamerpoints this game has to offer. My boyfriends little brother rented it and happened to be playing it at our apartment while we were babysitting. I believe I said something like, "Hey go away for a little bit." adding 1K to my gamerscore out of curiosity. I have no guilt, because I have a thousand points other games which are far more respectable.

All I can say is… if you feel you can live with yourself in the morning… do it. If however, you are presuming yourself a "Pro" and feel you'd see some flaming coming your way you may want to steer clear. As for me... like I effing care what anyone else thinks, I just went up a thousand gamerpoints and they didn't!

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Chuck Greene, Away! said at August 16, 2008 at 8:35 pm:

We need more achievements for XBL. I've logged more hours on SOTN than I should. I think it's really the devs fault that you can get so many points in so little time, not the gamers for exploiting it.

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Revjak said at August 13, 2008 at 6:33 am:

lol i wanna try that i just gotta find someone who has the game

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