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  Lego Overkill or Well-Deserved Relief?
June 22, 2008 at 12:17 pm


Lego Movie-Games Vs. Other Movie-Games


Whilst playing Lego Indiana Jones this weekend, my boyfriends-sisters-boyfriend Jason said that he was worried about the Lego video-game industry. He pretty much thought they should quit while they’re ahead. Apparently he is scared that they will try to do every movie and burn out their loveable novelty.


I suppose that that happens with all novelty things, but on a whole I think that the Lego Movie Games are a fantastic thing. Why? Haha. Because lets face it Ladies and Gents ... the Movie-Video Game Genre SUCKS. They are horrible, bad, boring, aggravating when they don’t follow the story-lines ... I mean… they are just POOP.


It’s hard to argue that the graphics and animations of the Lego Star Wars, Indiana Jones and soon Batman games aren’t just the cutest damn thing you’ve ever seen. As well as being able to play around with options and unlockable features making them even more cutsie-wootsie. They aren’t BAD graphics though – which is the most important thing. Flim based video games like Spider Man, Golden Compass, King Kong – hell. .. . .. Pretty much all of them have TERRIBLE graphics and Craptastic gameplay. Admit it; the kiddie Lego version is a lot easier on the eyes as well as consistently of better quality that 99% of movie-based video games on the market.


As if the graphics aren’t enough to support Lego on this rant…Why? OH Why do Movie Video Games try to use different voice actors when the Flim-Star declines? It’s cheap, and unfair to fans of both movies and video games. Come on… you’re combining two of our favorite entertainment genres ... and you can’t get some Hollywood hotshot to sit down and record a few voice-overs? Silly video game developers! We don’t want some random JOE-BLOW to be reciting movie lines--especially the heroes’ catch-phrases…


In the Lego games, there is no talking. Just grunting, and as far as acting goes exaggerated expressions plenty for me! It’s funny, and no one is sitting there with expectations. Umm... because Legos don’t …have… mouths. We’re not waiting to see if one of Hollywoods A-list bothered to come down and spit out his lines, because we’re not expecting it.


Mostly, I guess I’m just annoyed by how Movie games try to be taken seriously in the video game market, but because of shoddy graphics/ story line/ game play can’t be. Whereas Lego Film games rely on humor and understand that they are not going to be a dramatic extension of the film, and can be enjoyed for what they are. Just because you’re trying to make money doesn’t mean you need to make a POS.


I’m tired of companies trying to make more money by dumping shitty games on us. Sure, they try to make it seem as if they are “expanding their Market.” and really that is a great marketing strategy which will make them a lot of money, I’ll admit. But WHY ,WHY can't they realize that the Video-Game industry is another, just as important arm of the entertainment industry and should be treated with just as much time and care as films/books. We can’t appreciate the art when you’re giving us the 2ct. version!


So until the Movie-Game Genre can get it right. I'm up for LEGO EVERYTHING!

harleyquinn i luv you!

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Kickback said at June 22, 2008 at 1:17 pm:

Lego games are awesome

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