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  Last Week on GameGirl: April 28 - May 4
May 5, 2008 at 12:56 am

This Week:

  • GTA IV released so expect a review from one of the ladies on the site (almost all of us have it lol)
  • Nikole made her 100th blog/article post since the launch of the site so please congradulate her..writing that much is not easy lol
  • Please check out The Game Show every Tuesday night @10pm pacific and 1am eastern to support our lovely Nikole (the show is really awesome and unbiased =] )
  • As always please send all Tips/Suggestions to


Posts Made This Week:

100th Post Extravaganza! by Nikole


Guess What??? I'm a blogging addict, in case you didn't notice. I've reached my 100th blog post, it's kinda a big deal to me, so I made a little video. I mainly made it because I wanted to try out my new web cam, and I don't know how to edit yet so it was all shot in one painful take. Thanks to all my readers. I lurve you.

Click here to read more and watch video


Metal Gear Online Beta by Raychul


Calling all G.A.P. members, Metal Gear Online Beta is out...did you get in? "What is G.A.P?", you may be asking.

Click here to read more


This Week In Geek: Volume 6 by Nikole

Welcome to this week in G.E.E.K.! Although I think I must warn you: nothing really matters this week. I think it's fair to say that we will all be consumed with this little game by the name of GTAIV. None the less, here is your weekly dose of Games, Entertainment, Entertainment, and Kittens!

Virtual Console Release for Monday April 28, 2008:
-Double Dragon (originally for the NES) 500 Wii Points.
*I know I don't usually post XBL arcade games but I thought I would note that GTA's impact can be felt here as well. There will be no releases this week.

Click here to read more

Top Video Game Inspired Movies by NuyoRiquena


I must introduce my list by emphasizing the word 'inspired.' As many movie-going gamers know, the majority of the video game based movies take so many liberties that it is the basis for the most common critique. That being stated, I am not going to say it over and over again. In addition, there are so few good movies inspired by video games that my favorite 7 (read: 8 ... remember, my lucky number is 8) are all rolled up in a neat package because the most successful ones had sequels. What are your favorites?

Click here to read more


GTA 4: First Thoughts by Nikole


So today I, like many, spent a good portion of my day playing Grand Theft Auto. I haven't gotten very far, only 10 gamer points, but I did get some Warm Coffee and that's what counts. So I wanted to give you my impressions so far. The hardest thing about the game I've realized is controlling your car. I am not a good driver in real life, and I guess that transfers over into gaming as well. I am starting to get the hang of it though. Another thing I don't like is how little of Liberty City is capable of interacting with. Other then those two things I am completely loving it. I just got a pistol and not to brag, but I'm a good shot. So I'm having lots of fun with it so far.

How bout you though?
Anyone have the same problems with driving as I do?
Tell me your thoughts.

Click here to read more


Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo by FemmeFatale


So this last Sunday, I attended the most exciting exhibit of the year (in my hometown) - The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. It's no San Diego Comic Con, but it was 15 minutes from home, and absolutely satisfying.

The expo was packed with tons of actors, such as: Matthew Wood: Voice of General Grevievous in Star Wars. Kevin Sorbo: Hercules in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and Xena Warrior Princess. Tricia Helfer: Best known from her role as Cylon Number 6 in Battlestar Galactica. George Takei: helmsman Hikaru Sulu from the original Star Trek, to name a few.

There were artists from all corners of the industry, (anime, graphics design, comics, graphic novels, animated film & television, etc..) cosplay, gamer tees, action figures, board games, trading cards, and plenty other swag... There was just so much to take in. It's a good thing I'm low on cash, because I would have spent way too much money in one day.

Here are some cool pics the girls and I took. Brace yourself, there's a lot:

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Old Games Can Be A Lot Of Fun by Miz Calamity


I know everyone is so hyped up and excited over Grand Theft Auto IV and Mario Kart but those aren't the only games out there. I have actually been watching my boyfriend play some of the old games from the GameCube: Tales of Symphonia and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

I know many gamers aren't "watchers" when it comes to video games. You like to actually be the one playing and you get so frustrated when the person who is playing makes a mistake that you think you could have avoided. But I personally LOVE to just watch people play games sometimes...especially role-playing games because then I could be the one concentrating on this intriguing story line while someone else is doing the hardcore battling and character leveling. Now I am an RPG nut..but I have never played either Tales of Symphonia OR Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles..mainly because I didn't get my GameCube until last year lol (I'm a collector of consoles what can I say?).

’Note To My Parents’ Of The Week by FemmeFatale


So I'm always writing notes to my parents that they don't really understand, using references that us gaming genre DO. Either way, the notes usually work, and since I make a ton, I've decided to share my epic notes with you all, one each week, to people that will actually get, and appreciate them!

I've been DYING for Chinese food for months, we only get it like twice a year and I'm so broke right now, I can't buy for myself... Therefore, I must ask the parentals!

This is what I wrote this morning:

Click here to read more

Iron Man Movie Review by NuyoRiquena




If I could sum up my review of this movie in one word it would be, awesome. The first of the summer blockbusters burst onto the screen with amazing special effects, hilarious one liners, great sound effects and cinematography and the incredibly handsome Robert Downey, Jr.

One of the concerns I always have about movies based on games or comics has to do with the inability to stay true to the story line. In my opinion, special effects and animation technology is finally catching up with the creative genius that keeps people interested in comic book heroes and stories. The Iron Man movie stayed very true to the story line of the comic books and was able to incorporate great touches, like the theme music from the animated series. The casting was also done quite well, with Obadiah Stane and Tony Stark especially.

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