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33 Years Old From North Las Vegas, NV United States

Top 12 Games (view all)
God of War III (Ultimate Edition)
Dead Space
Killzone 2
Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe
Heavenly Sword
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
God Of War
Final Fantasy Tactics
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Cold Caravan
Vexed Viper
Squid Squabble
Golem Graveyard
New Law in Town
Glumshanks De-Evilized
Ruins Romped
Perch Plunge
Swamp Secured
Chieftess Rescued
Welcome To Woodburrow
Almost Too Easy

News Articles To Date (616):* written by someone else, posted by me.
The Tester Bring Gamers Into Reality TV... Again
Dante's Inferno Needed A Montage
A Dead Rising Movie... For Real?
Kratos' Fury To Quench Kratos' Rage
Super Street Fighter IV Flies Again
How Far Is Heavy Rain Going To Push You?
The Ides Of March Will Ring In God Of War III
Who Wants Four Min Of Lost Planet 2 Goodness?
BioShock 2 Shows Us How To Use The Scout Plasmid
Heavy Rain Gets All Virally
The M.A.G. Launch Trailer Does Relentless War
'Action' Packed Heavy Rain Footage
Kingsmouth And The Secret World
The Heritage Of Aliens Vs. Predator
The Launch Of Mass Effect 2
The Makings Of A God Of War III
Rock Band Network Up And Running
Be A Hero With New Halo Maps And Bring Relief To Haiti
Sony Motion Controler Delayed... Big Surprise...
Aliens and Predators Show Off Their Killing Moves
The Blood And Metal Of God Of War III
Hellgate Resurected, Maybe For Good
Resident Evil 5 Gone Gold Again
How Did That Naughty Bear Get So Naughty?
Final Fantasy XIII And Lady Bad Luck
CES 2010: BioShock 2 Multiplayer
Review: God of War Collection - GoWII
Dante's Inferno Is Taking The PS3 To Hell Early
Review: God of War Collection - GoW
Splatterhouse A Metaphor For Black Friday?
Shh. We Got Your Tron Tease. Don't Tell...
Final Fantasy XIII Has Gone Green
Kane & Lynch, Bowling In Shanghai, And Naked
So What Is The Story With Dante's Inferno?
When Does Final Fantasy XIII Come Out?
Dante To Crash The Gates Of Hell Early
You Are To Blame For The RE5 Alternative Edition DLC
Visceral Games Is Full Of Heretics And Baby Killers
What Have You Achieved Before The End Of Days?
War Zones, Zombies, Hip Hop, And 'Film Actors Guild'
Final Fantasy Keeps On Shooting More Screens
Review: Fairytale Fights
Then There Was Mayhem
The Twisted Return Of Alice?
By The Gods, It's The Epic God Of War III Ultimate Edition
Hitman & Back To The Future In God Of War
Live Action Assassin's Creed Is Here
Review: Brütal Legend
Review: Wii ElectroFlow Inductive Charger
Review: Saw: The Video Game
Jurassic: The Hunted Is Not The 5th Jurassic Park Film
Oh The Brütality Of Assassin's Creed 2
God Of War Looks Even More Bad Ass
When Aliens & Predators Fight, It Sucks To Be Human
I Think Splatterhouse Could Use More Gore
Review: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Not Just Clashing With The Titans
Let The Carnage Rain In MUA2
Dante's Inferno Is Making Me Angry
10,000 Gallons Of Blood To Make Fairytale Fights
Beastiary Legal In Final Fantasy XIV
Review: Exo-Flex Skins
Rock Band Is Changing Now
Review: Dead Space Extraction
Play Baseball In Left 4 Dead 2
Dragon Age: Achievements
Brütal Mültiplayer Ünleashed
Resident Evil Now For An Alternative Lifestyle
Capcom Forgot How To Count Again
Assassin's Creed Way Into Revenge
Extracting More Images Of Fear
Terror Is Reality XVIII
Review: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
TGS Fantasies Are Given
Another Gift From The Gods
Batman Brings More Darkness To The UK
Calling All MMOs
Review: Champions Online
Hell Or Rapture?
Call of Duty: Galactic Warfare
Assassinating Variety
Sneaking In Early Is Totally Metal
Have I Got A Story For You
Batman Goes Totally Insane
Brütal PR Stünt
Civil War Sides Will Be Chosen Soon
You Greedy Bastards
Review: The Beatles Rock Band
The Darkest Headquarters Of The Days
The Mass PAX Effect... 2
Gate Jumping From PAX
Making Getting A Job Testing Games A Game
Four Fighters For Fairytales
Assassinating Never Looked So Good
Dark Days Are Continuing
I See Those Wild Things Now
Collecting The God Of Trophies
Calling In FFXIII Shots
Brütal Metal Achievements
Hey Look At Me! I'm Climbing A Bridge!
Manhunting For Rumors
Behold Disciples Of Nod
Time To Clean Up Arkham
Not Your Normal Avatar
Here Comes The Evil Pumpkins
Nanosuit 2 For Sale
Now Is The Time To Forge Your Legend
New LBP DLC Will Totally Get You Wet
I Got A Great Big Bow Here
It's A Story... Of A Clan Named Belmont...
Firming Up More With Firmware
Drake And SOCOM Play The Greatest Hits
The Lord Of The Dead Cometh
Can't Gamers Play With Themselves Anymore?
Wolfenstein For Free?
Third Circle Of Hell To Be Full Of Poo Jokes
BioShocking Pre-Order Bonus
The Lost Devil Planet Of The Rising Crying Dead
Double The Beam Katanas For Double The Fun
Review: Rock Band: Country Pack
Holodeck Coming Soon
Get Your Coffin In PlayStation Home
Who Wants In On The Star Trek Online Beta?
Snow White Vs Little Red Riding Hood
XBox Live Gets A Massive Update
Iceland Or Bust
Comic Con Issue #4
Comic Con Issue #03
Screen Shots Like Tribbles
The Garbage Of Guitar Hero 5
Comic Con Issue #2
Use Your Skillz To Pay Da Billz
Comic Con Issue #1
Comic Con '09 Hands-On Impressions of Brütal Legend
Comic Con Issue #0
Comic Con '09 Hands-On Impressions of Dante's Inferno
Gaming As A Sport Further Legitimized
Movie Games Gone Wild
Everyone Is Getting A Comic Now
Get Your Music In The Game
Want Lex's Power Suit?
Free Monsters At Comic Con!
Create Your Champion
Damn You Guitar Hero!
Mass Effect And Dragon Age Cross Venue
You Are Who Watches The Watchmen
Godly Art Of War
A Black Wii?
The Mothership Has Landed
Joker Is Committed For Life
Play, Create, Share
PSP Gets You Mysty Eyed
Take Two Made My Little Sister Late
Lusting For More Dante's Inferno?
Breath, Two, Wii, Four
What We Are Able To Show Of Mass Effect 2
Looks Like They Were Called
* The Conduit Video Game Review
* Media Molecule Says Latest LBP Patch Is Nothing But DLC
Review: Punisher No Mercy [PSN]
Army Of Two: 40th Day [Trailer & Screens]
Space Freak Out!
Commanding And Conquering Comes To An End
Guitar Hero 5: The Obscure
Japan Gets All The Good Fantasies
Rock Band Console?
LucasArts Revives Old Classics on Steam
In Corollary To Real Warfare
In Full View Of The Watchmen
Mandalor And His Merry Men
Gaming To A Whole New Level In Vegas
A Chance To Go To Blizzard Mecca
L4D2 Might Not Be Too Soon
Good Bye PSP Go!?
PSP Go! Could Be So 2009 Soon
Nintendo Downloads For The Week of July 6th.
Early Zombie Plans
Marvel Ultimate Confusion
Who Ya Gunna Call?
Real View From Hell
* Is Sony Quietly Closing Out PSN Data Slurpers?
* Media Molecule Teases Ghostbusters Content For LittleBigPlanet
* Wii-Sex: Your Wii Can Now Get Laid More Than You Do
Rocking It Green With Mayhem
Balderdash On Not Having Good PSP Games
Command Center, Hatchery, or Nexus?
WoW Turncoats On The Way
Finally The Original Fantasy
Shoot Dice With Your WiiMote On The Vegas Strip
The Punisher Doesn't Do Mercy
XIV Before XIII?
1943 Twitter Challenge
Revenge Is A Powerful Force
PSN Cards Eh?
Get Assassinated In A Hospital
Warping Rock Band Further
Review: Prototype [PS3]
E3 Impressions: Dante's Inferno
E3 Impressions: The Agency
E3 Hands-On Impressions of Brütal Legend
E3 Hands-On Impressions of Batman: Arkham Asylum
E3 Hands-On Impressions of God of War III
E3 Hands On Impressions - DC Universe Online
12 Is The New Number Of The Beast
The Last Trophies
EA Totally Bringing It On Too
Activision Coming On Strong
Unreally Back In Black
Conceiving The Agency
We Need Some Support Up Here Now
The Most Evil Creatures Ever To Kill Anything Cute...
Hunter, Survivor, Prey, Which Will You Be?
PSP To Rock Your F'ing Socks
Ghostly Multiplayer Madness
Live The Life Of An Elite Agent
Alex Mercer Hunts & Kills
Crime Will P4y
Bioshock 2 The FPS-RPG?
GameStop Trying To Be Brütal
More Clutter From The Beatles
Can You Feel The Fear?
Hope He Hasn't Been Slaying Hot Girls
Expansions are on the Fallout
Another Evil Blast From The Past
The PSP Is Go!
Finally The Best Man/Woman/Robot/Monster Team-Up
1998 Is When Darkness Falls
Almost Died From Memory
* Alright, Enough Already
Helgan Or Helghast Bust
Chainsaws Galore
Be Bionic
Feed Your Warcrack Addiction From Your iPhone
* What's in the box? Valves new game?
Best Buy Hooking Up Gamers
Become The Clown Prince Of Gotham
Harvest Or Adopt?
Champions Online For Swingers?
* All else fails, Buy 'em
The PSP Level Of Hell
* Fallout: New Vegas Unveiled in London
What Do You Fight For?
Everyone And Their Mother Brings On The Lego Rock Band
How Do You Like Her New Uniform?
Vengeance Not Mental Exploration
Get $5 For A Reservation
Fantasy Demo Finally
Get Cut Into Thirds
Add An Extra Inch To Your Wii
Greatest Hits? Really?
Play How You Want To Play
Talk About Phoning In A Kill
Unplugging The Amplitude
Dark Days Are Coming
Fists Of Iron
I SAW What Game Konami Wanted To Play
Bragging OnLive With Clips
Start Terrorizing The Streets
PWN Everyone & Everything
Specializing In Online Warfare Since 1942
Fighting The Stills
Public Leaking At GDC 2009
Save the Date
Get Your Groove Back
Be The Overlad!
Talk About Being Effed Out
New Shiny High Kicks
Four Decades Of Evil
Hunting The Ultimate Prey
The Chronicle Continues
Rocked Off
More Beat Downs
Violent Fur ball Of Death
Killzone 2 Review [PS3]
Enter The Gateway Between Worlds
Beautiful Blur Of Death
Welcome Stranger!
We Have A Date To Be inFAMOUS
The Organizers Target Us With More Shots
More Hidden Mercenaries
Here Comes The Walrus
Give More Than Just Money For Resident Evil 5
The Interwebs Will Quake
Lemmy The Social Distortion
Master Chief Was There For Population Control
Fire Vs. Water
Hey! Wanna Play?
Stat Tracking For The Ages
45 Days Of Gaming... Music
Posse Up!
The War Against The Chimera Just Got Personal
The Outbreak On Mobile Phones
Looking Undisputed
Hot Damnation
Stein of Warcraft
Killing With Sackboy
Did You Google Swinging Video
Dooming Missions
Goozex Ends Trips To The Post Office
Concepts Not In Limbo
Officially Lost Announcement Of Snow Pirates
Be The Center Of Attention Like Laugh Riot
Screen Shots Set To Stun
Go To Hell!
inFAMOUS Humble Pie
Lost Sneak Attack
From A Zombie Friend On Ebay
Massive Effect Again
Space MMO Not Star Trek Or Star Wars
Screens Of Godliness
It Was Late For An Important Date
In The Interest Of Not Being Eaten
Extracting More Story From Dead Space
Basically BlizzCon
Get Yo' Killzone 2 On
Death Is In My Blood
G33k L0v3
Midway Gets A Fatality
Have Your Films And Play Them Too
AVP Once Again
Beating People For Lincoln
Go Joe!
Hades Fight!!!
Columbo With The A-Bomb
I'll See You Infamous
Good Looking Splat!
The Dead Are Confirmed
Restricted By Resistance No More
Demo The Wars
Almost Made A Jill Sandwich
And There Will Be More Ozzy Songs
Now I'll Have To Buy The White Suit
Idea Stolenz?!?
Boldly Moving Further
Can't Get Out Of Kijuju
Killing Zone On The PSN
Resident Evil 5 Opens Up
The Joke Is On...
Play Mirror's Edge The Way You Want
Final Fantasy Like You've Never Seen
Darkness Creeps Into The Void
A Time For Mortal Kombat
Ace Or Joker?
Lone Silent Survivor Syndrome
See The Whole SF4 Cast
Countdown To What?
Hopefully Not A Bad Build Up
CES 2009 Wrap Up
Evil Demo For PSN Too
I Got Some Big Brother In My MMOs
The Collection From Kijuju
Two Months Of Retribution!
What Lies Beyond The Edge Of Evolution?
The Real World Of Gaming
They are in...
An American Early Evil
Movie Date or PSP Game?
Helghast Invade Europe
Choose Your Protoss
End Of An Age
Home Is Complex
RB2 San Disk Debate Solved
How'd They Do That?
Living In A 3D World
Evil Xbox Vs. Evil PS3
New Window To The World
Firebird And VooDoo
Killzone 2 at CES 2009
In An Underwater City Far Far Away...
Rock On Your SanDisk
Apocalypse Earth
The Dead And The Inter-Space
Awesome LBP That Will Most Likely Never Be
[PS3 Review] Rise Of The Argonauts
It's Alive!
[PC Review] Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People
Only A Year Late...
Game Over!
More LittleBigNews
A Mythical RTS
[PS3 Review] Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
Google Bring You Ninjas!
Challenging BioShock
Try Out LocoRoco 2?
Cheaper Mirror's Edge
RE: Spoilers
Link Of Awesome
Get Your Free Movie On
Five Minutes Of Awesome
A Goofier Way To Look While Playing Games
Enter The City With Your Mac
Harmonix In The Sky, With Diamonds
We Challenge You To Mortal Kombat!
Need A Killzone Fix?
I Want To Play A Game
The New Retro
More BS, But The Good Kind
Rock Band 2 Free DLC Revealed
Review: Dead Space (PS3)
You've Got To Be Kidding Me
New Survival Horror Queen, I Dub Thee
Slipknot Ain't Messing Around
Tell Fables For Fun And Prizes
Biohazard In The Home
More Evil
Portal REALLY Still Alive
Sweet Sweet Touchdown
More LBP Sackboys
LittleBigPlanet In Review
Really Feel The Game
Ratner Of War
Gold With A Bit Of Awesome
Wii Are Old And Fit
Something Familiar At Blizzcon
Rack One Up For Us
Punishment From The PSN
Hells Angels In WoW
You Heart Me?
Are You Still Alive?
Social Networks PWN Porn
Now That's Epic
A Guild In Real Life
Don't Resist The Beta
Reality TV, Yet Another Low?
Learn To PWN
LBP: The Pre-order
Zero To Hero In No Time Flat
*The Last Guy
RB2 Gets A Ratin'
Rock Or Pwn?
Pay More For RB2
WoW, Another Eye Popping Opening Video
Yet Another October Release
PS3 Gets A Shocking!
Operation Ground Pound Guitar Hero
Open War Begins
Rocker's Rejoice
LBP Where You Gunna Get It?
Mount Up!
Google or Glados
You Sneaking Monkeys
Summon Up The Concepts
March Is Going To Be Awesome
VGL Rocks Again
Something For The Cranky Dwarf In All Of Us
Trophies For Another Game
Sum Up Of E3 Under 6 Minutes
WoW And The Real Life
Set Phasers To MMO
They Are Arising
Degenerating From Comic Con
Zombie Plan 101
WoW! Achievements!
Two Words: Man Darts
Dead Rising Ports To The Wii
Playing Cowboy For Your E3 Vids
Year Of The PS3?
What I Missed
Wiilease From E3
Even More Rocking News...
Friday The 13th
More Rockin' News
If E3 Wasn't Good Enough...
PSN Releases For 7/10/2008
Not A Payneful Looking Flick
Get Read For Z-Day
Concepts of Diablo III
Collection Of Fable (II)
First Diablo III Now This
Possible Songs?
Play God And Win Prizes
Yet Another Bonus For The 25th
Reality Video Game?
Music... As I stated...
Screw The Console Wars...
Finally... 2.40
Simon And Alucard Get It On...
Fight!.. At Comic Con...
By The Gods
Strategic Dismemberment... Nuff Said
More Peripherals Than You Can Shake A Drum Stick At
Who Needs A Real Girlfriend?
Lost In The Story
Never Cease To Amaze Me
Rock The Vote!
The Greatest Show On Earth
Super Heroes Unite!
The Matrix Is Coming
Captivate '08
Activision Gets A Bit PWNed By WSJ
[RUMOR] That I Hope Is True
You Are Rock Stars!
Rockin' 'round The Clock
Wii Fit Out Of Shape News
World of Wifecraft
Mythic Videos
Rock Band Rip Off?
MGS4, GoW2, RE5...Oh My!
Metal Gear Mania
God Of War III
Crafting Beautiful Stars
Video Cards For Dummies
Sony Gaming News
Portal Is Still Alive...
Unleash The Fury!
Squenix Again Teases FFVII
Get It On With A Kart
More "Real" Art
Start PWNing Other Worlds
Spyro To PWN The Box Office
Users Will Soon Create PWNage For Heroes
Gov'ment Uses Games To PWN
2009 Movie PWNage Or Not
Smashing More Pumpkins In Games
Siren: New Translation Is Pretty, Horrifying
PWNing The Test Of Time
11 Signs Of Behavior Pwnage
Artist PWN Classic Views
PWNed Users...Get A Wii
More PSN Stuffz
Disney Going To Add What Got PWNed
Sick Children Will Soon PWN More
PWNed My Opinion A Bit
PWN Wii Fit With This...
Finally Something Good
Sony Again PWNs Its Users
PWN The Size Of NES
Cell Phones PWN WoW Expansion
PWNage Of Spare Time
Rockin' Priest
Konami Keeps The PWNing of Users Coming
US Gets PWNed By Capcom
PSN Store Open With Only Minor PWNage
New Study PWN Myth About Violence
Yoda & Vader PWN
PWNED Beta Watch
Don't Get PWNed Over MGO
Interweb PWNage And Rumor Debunk
Some More Rock PWNage
Resist The PWNages
People PWN The Normal Stats
B*com* The M*ssag* PWN*r
GameCube Making A Come Back...?
Rockin' PWNAGE
EA Totally Unreal
Space Invaders PWN Again...
PWN Your XBox Heat
IGN Rubs In The PWNage
The Force Is With Us
The Wait Will Soon Be Over...
Gamers PWN the US
Sony PWNs Self?
Total Link PWNage
Sony PWNs Its Users...A Little Bit
Someone's Bank Account Gets PWNED
More Intel On An Elusive Beta
The Drummer From Def Leppard Only Has One Arm
God Of Machinima
Enjoy Gaming In 3D
$10,000 And A Trip To Liberty City
He's Not Racist
An $85 Dollar Bill
Wii Wrock
Boston Six Packer
More Good HD-DVD News
Privileges For Those Who...
Loads Of Band Stuff
Update 2.20
It's Death Metal Week!
OMFingG MMOvie...
Premature Game Betalation...
Hopefully Uwe Boll Doesn't Touch It
The Road Warrior Said It, So It Must Be True
Totally Unreal
Sue Is The New Fad
Momma I'm Coming Home...
Sex Losing Popularity
Slash Through Amazon And Save 5 Bucks
For You Nintendo Fans
UFC Nintendo Style Continues

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Jaimie said at July 21, 2011 at 4:00 pm:

Happy Birthday!!!

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DockRock said at September 13, 2010 at 1:02 am:

What do I got to do to get some Pwned schwag??

You must login or register to comment
Hades said at September 13, 2010 at 12:44 pm:

Participate in the contests. :p Unless you want a sticker. I think I have one around the house somewhere. :)

Jaimie said at July 21, 2010 at 4:00 pm:

Happy Birthday!!!

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[DTF] Venomyz© said at July 31, 2009 at 11:12 am:

I [love] the graphic thingyy of the vampire/zombie looking dude right above your "My Top Games" ! :D Did you make it yourself?? Or did you find it?

I'm Leah, by the way.(:

You must login or register to comment
Hades said at September 23, 2009 at 12:50 pm:

Yea, my little pet zombie there. I wish I was that talented to create something like that. All I did with it was color it in and add a little haze to the blood on the guy. And add a little more blood. Totally wish I could have drawn the original.

Nice to meet ya Leah.

MetalMarc64 said at June 5, 2009 at 6:39 pm:

You know I took your spot after you were finished playing the demo for God of War III? I was gonna call you out but I saw you getting set up for that interview, and I was right next to you the whole time. And then I walked right past you and your sunglasses in the South Hall when you were going towards the G4 studios and I was on my way to the West Hall, I was gonna stop but I already had my mind set on getting into the Nintendo booths.

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Princess Marimo said at April 20, 2009 at 6:40 pm:

thanks for the friend request. :D

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wonderduckie said at April 15, 2009 at 6:31 am:

Thanks for the add, dude.. I'll definately bee seeing you.

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rhapsody said at April 13, 2009 at 5:51 pm:

Thank you for the add.

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mage said at April 2, 2009 at 7:40 pm:

Thanks for the add!


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NeoVidar said at March 23, 2009 at 5:50 pm:

Thanks for the add you wonderous man sausage you.

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