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  Battlefield 3 (360) - 4 People Attending


Battlefield 3
Time starting: 9:00pm EST (UTC -5) -- Time Zone Map:
XBL Gamertag to add or message: SnappyDude profile of host: :) SnappyDude :)

Description of Event
This event will feature the game for the Xbox 360: Battlefield 3
Game and/or Party invites will be sent out from the XBL Gamertag linked above. You can post your Gamertag below in the comments in the event your Pwned account user name does not match your Gamertag. Or by sending a message stating your Pwned account user name attached to the friends request. This will make sure invites are sent properly and reach the correct account.

General Rules for Event
Try to be online and ready to attend this event at least 30 minutes prior to start time stated above. If you are going to be late please comment that below or leave a message with the host. It is at the discretion of the host to cancel this gaming event for any reason they find relevant. Rules for this event are simple, NO CHEATING. Hacked accounts, hacked game data, modded controllers, otherwise unsporting conduct or purposely intended unfair advantages are also frowned upon as well. Actions can and will be taken if these happen to be an issue at anytime during this event. The most important rule of all is to have fun. This is just a game and no one is here to hurt each others feelings or have their feelings hurt. No name calling, abusive behavior towards other participants or members of this website and just get along as best as you can. Any questions or concerns please message the Pwned profile linked above or leave a comment below.

The Following Items may be needed to Participate in this Event
1. XBL Gold account
2. account
3. Functional Internet connection
4. Functional Game Disk or Digital Distribution Game

Outside Links
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Prizes for Participating in this Event
Participation prize: 100 Pwned Points for every participant



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