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Type your shout above. Afterwards, enter the game you wish to shout about to the left. By selecting a game you're more likely to get a response to what you need. You can choose not to enter a specific game if you'd like.

ex. I'm stuck in a room with a box and a gnome. How do I get out?


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Games API

The Pwned Games API allows you to access our database of games. Please check the developer paper to use this API. This API does not require you to sign up for API Access
- Get the developer/publisher
- Get the release date
- Get the game genre
- Get the game box cover image

Grab the documentation here:

We have disabled hotlinking. If you wish for us to allow hotlinking to your site, send an email to contact[a] requesting to be whitelisted.

Feed API

Pwned Feed API is a basic and simple API that allows you to aggregate a particular members status feed.
- Find out what game a member is playing online
- See what the member is doing on the site
- Grab other important update information

Grab the documentation here:

Layout API

The Layout API is designed to help layout generator sites directly access the members profile and update it accordingly. What are the benefits of using the API? The benefits include:
-Seamless integration for the user and less headaches
-Drive more traffic to the layout generator and as a result the bounce rate per user is significantly reduced.
-Better reputation as well as more word of mouth viral promotion
-A link to the layout generators website in the user home page

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